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Thrillseekers and history buffs the world over converge on the Las Vegas of Asia, Macau, for an unforgettable island adventure. High-stakes gaming beckons to high rollers at over 30 casinos featuring quite possibly the widest range of ganges in the world, including blackjack, baccarat, roulette, keno, poker, and slot machines.

Take a break from the gaming action for a dazzling array of entertainment options at any given casino. Witness a breathtaking water-based production at a leading casino, catch a Cantonese opera for the culturally inclined, or immerse yourself in a sensory adventure show displaying a marvelous exposition of lights and sounds.

Families with young children can explore the dynamic and interactive Kids City, a 10,000 square foot focal point of family entertainment. For the emboldened, scale the city's highest peak at Macau Tower by ascending the mast's 300 meters of vertical ladders at The Mast. Or, take the plunge on a harrowing 233-meter descent at the Sky Jump.

Once you've settled back on terra firma, visit the marvelous stonework and rustic staircase leading to Macau's most renowned church at the Ruins of St. Paul's. Survey the landmark church, first erected in 1602, for its carved stone façade and beautiful relics attesting to its illustrious history.

Revisit Macau's rich cultural and historical past of the venerable Macau Museum depicting a convergence of Chinese and Portuguese influence.

Escape the city for an ambient journey into Portugal's storied wine industry at the Wine Museum. Don't forget to sample the irresistible delights of Portuguese wine and spirits.

Celebrate Macau's famous cuisine by sampling such local delicacies as Portuguese egg tart, pork chop bun, shrimp roe noodles, or the beloved bacalhau (codfish). Step into Rua da Cunha, one of the famous food streets in Taipa, for the almond cakes, egg rolls, bridal cakes and gelatin dessert cakes. Popular red and white wines are sure to please. Go all out with a pairing of Vinho verde (green wine) with your seafood fare. For the Asian palate, restaurants serving Dim Sum abound as one of China's greatest gifts to dining.

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